Atlanta based photographer and videographer, Trey Squire, recieved a Associate Degree in Communications in 2012 as well as Bachelors Degree in Film in the spring of 2015. With a passion in storytelling, he sets out to bring his visions to life through photography and cinematography.

Inspired by the greats before him, Squire sets out to create his own lane of art while paying homage to the greats that came before him. He is inspired by the purity and rawness of the human psyche. Forever a student to the world and people around him, Squire strives to bring those visuals to life, with no fear of tackling social issues, freedom of speech, or appreciation of the human form in its purist state. With publications in poetry, creative writing and photography under his belt, confining him to one form of expression isn't likely. Driven to be the inspiration for a new generation of artist, Squire simply wants to draw emotion from his audience when perceiving his work. 


"Art is about taking risks. Create something unique and special. Screw the opinions." - Trey Squire

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