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  1. James: An Intimate View

    Date 07 Nov 2018
    “Is life really a peach? Quite possible if you can imagine the sun on a beach, in a busy city where its goals seem out of reach.” – James I have wanted to photograph James for the past year. I was captivated by his artistry and uniqueness. He reminded me…

  2. Alain Bellanton: The Strength of Man Shoot

    Date 20 Feb 2018
     “I am a Haitian King and I am proud.” - Alain Bellanton It has been two years since I photographed my friend Alain for the first time. This was after months of failed attempts. For whatever reason he felt that he wasn’t worthy of being photographed by me. Luckily, he eventually agreed to…

  3. Bone + Tissue

    Date 08 Jul 2017
    Artist, Model & Creator: The Thoughts of Quintin Pegross “Everybody expects something great to come from my mouth always. If not that then astounding or surprising. I don’t think my life is that reckless or interesting but apparently to many it is.” - Quintin Pegross We’re born with different purposes.…

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