iPhoneography: My Journey Into Cell Phone Photography

The camera doesn’t make the photographer, the photographer makes the camera.

One of the most common misconceptions is that an iPhone cannot provide you with professional photos. While I certainly don’t believe it to be a replacement of an SLR, that doesn’t mean the iPhone cannot be a credible option. A quality photo is more so reliant on the photographer and not the camera itself.

As a photographer it’s easy to become spoiled. The market is constantly changing with new cameras, lens and gear. It is the equivalent to being a kid in a candy store and how could you not be? Today’s technology has presented photographers with endless opportunities. However cell phone photography isn’t met with the same fan fare by most photographers.

Personally, I encourage people to use their phones. Photography is a rewarding experience, but it’s expensive. You have to factor in the SLR, lenses, filter, etc. and for someone that’s considering jumping into this art form, it could be intimidating. The cool thing about iPhones or cell phones in general is the ease of use. There’s filters, editing apps, etc. providing tools that could get an amateur started. Also, take into account the censors that used for these devices cameras now.

So, it’s not a replacement to the SLR. No one is denying that but its a great place to begin for amateurs and a nice companion piece for experienced photographers. Personally, I choose to use it in that manner. Also, I use it during my shoots for behind the scenes purposes. In the end I believe that we should be encouraging the next generation of photographers. An SLR might not be the starting point for today’s photographers, but I encourage you as mentors to adapt. Use both methods so that the art form continues to grow.

Below is a selection of my favorite iPhone captures over the years.