Creating Atmosphere In Photography

We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.
— Ralph Hattersley

It is often stated that you don’t take photos, but make them. Truly, that is a difficult task. Often we’re caught up in the technical merit, but forget about the overall esthetic. Photography should capture the true essence of a moment. It’s about the feeling a photograph exudes. Yes, the rules matter, but you can’t eliminate the heart. With these photo’s of James I challenged myself to tell a story that evoked emotion, but told a story.

I came across a photo of Bob Marley taken by Kim Gottlieb-Walker. I captivated to the simplicity of the photograph. While it was a photo of the iconic Bob Marley, it was the surrounding area that caught my eye. There’s a story within the rummage and chaos. This is led me to texting James. I was compelled to create something within’ the same vein, but with my own artistic touch.


James is an individual that I have great creative energy with. Despite that he’s a larger that life individual, we are similar. Our views on art are one of the same. Often there isn’t planning when we create together. Whatever happens tends to manifest on its own merit. This session would prove to be like the others.

After a couple of hours of trash talking, random rants and laughs we had a nice collective of work. Of course, feelings and how they are processed is subjective. My goal was to create something that was honest, pure, telling and atmospheric. My style is often associated with noir and nudity, but I wanted to expand on that. A fear of mine is become stagnate and a parody of myself. It’s important to me as an artistic to continue telling stories that inspire me instead of retreading. Again, photography is about the story and feeling. Are you capturing the moment?